Friday, July 13, 2012

Party Down!

Things have been pretty fast-paced around here, don't even know where June went- and I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth!   

I'm taking these two short weeks before I start getting prepared for Eva's First Day of School to organize, scrapbook and get caught up on my every growing pile of hair-brained ideas.  I can't believe that she's reached the age to be going to school, I'm super excited yet sad at the same time.  Where did the time go?!    Which turns my thoughts to having some serious scheming to do for Eva's birthday- and it is looking like it will be quite interesting at this point.  I'll be breaking out the eye-protection and power tools shortly- look out!  (Pics to follow... maybe :) )

New(er) in shop: Pillow Boxes!  I have so much fun making these little buggers and now they are also available to order as Party Favors or just the box itself- as well as specialty gift wrap.  They are just so fun!  


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